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Once upon a time,

in the roman countryside,

 there was an artist that wanted to give new life 

 to the materials refused by the modernologic man 
After numerous enchantments, spells and tumbles
she is managing in her intent!!!!!!! 

At the moment she transforms bottles of glass

in objects of Inner Art

 letting the mentioned bottles free from the industrially moulded form 

 allowing them to express themselves.

 From the countryside, the dream enlarged to the whole of Europe,   

 so now she dreams to travel every where

 to make invisible things transparent like glass.

Sometimes simple concepts are difficult to see


what can we do to make our life better? 

Many could be the answers but something is certain:

Be Present and

Consume consciously



The mission of Vetromaghie is to awake modernologic humans 

from the illusions of consumism,

esploring life styles harmonic with the natural cycles and recycles 


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