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NOTHING is created, NOTHING is destoyed, EVERYTHING is transformed.

Nature teaches us this simple truth which is at the core of life itself. 

Leaves falls off the trees, in winter, they seems dead, 

the tree itself seems dead, so naked. It is resting. 

In the meanwhile all the wee beings who found shelter against the freezing cold of the winter, under the carpet of fallen leaves, exchange the favour, transfoming them in food for the soil, for the roots of the tree itself. 

Every death is a Ribirth. 

Without the never-ending cycle of creation and destruction there would be no life. 


Let us go back in time and observe the earth as a ball of molten material in continuous transformation.
Everything that was once molten has gone through thousands of years of transformation to become everything that exhists now on the earth.
We are a transformation of that molten material as well...
While 'evolving' human beings have forgotten about the continuous cycles of birth and death that regulate the universe, they forgot about the continuous transformation of resources that allowed the earth to live so long...
 The mission of Vetromaghie is to awake modernologic humans from th apathy of consumism.

Watching and experiencing the dance of molten glass help us remember where we come from and where we go.

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