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This page is the most difficult one to keep up. 

Every moment, things happen and life changes. 

Once you accept it, this continuous evolving of 'things'  is very liberating. 

Every moment you have a chance to re-weave your path, to make it right for you. 

It has been years since i updated this international side of the site.

Maybe I hope everyone will learn italian.


This morning I woke up early, switched the computer on to try once again to get this website updated, keeping it simple, coherent, inspiring. For me, dragon mum of the year, it is a chance to meditate on what it is that I believe, what is I want to communicate with my keens out there, to remain focused on the present. 

On the present we are preparing to go to Rimini, for our annual workshop on recycled glass, within the manifestation 'Ecomondo 2009' 

Then Christmas will take over and we will be busy working for Santa making glass gifts.... please order more from your faithful little Santa's glass helpers.

Apart from business and religion for me Christmas is still a strong pagan festivity and a moment to return to the present with the people i love and with whom i share this great journey that is life on earth... and is also the feast of Christ with all that it really means, it's message and it's example. Seen not long ago 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'The life of Brian' two very different but enlightening movies that made me reflect on the nature of faith and righteousness ...


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