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sets bottles free

 from the industrial form

in which glass is too often restricted

in these days

In other words we melt bottles to create objects of experimental Inner Art uniques and unrepeatable often improvised, using various techniques: free glass blowing, bottles and other glass objects slumping, pouring glass on moulds made of organic materials, lost wax tecnique for special occasion... like making a mould of someone's hand and reproducing it exactly in glass...


means to play with glass, 

letting this primordial material express itself through us.

It means not using moulds to shape objects;

 it means using the hands ( covered with a newspaper pad), 

using gravitational and centrifugal forces

 and organic moulds found in nature, like sunflower heads or rotten pieces of wood...
Thus glass doesn't get stressed and his molecules can move naturally inside each piece.
Thus glass can communicate harmony and show the continuous spiralling movement of life.
Pratically speaking our products go from jewels to lamps, from mugs to jugs to luminous installations to mosaics of recycled materials...
Above all they are objects dense of meaning, sometimes without a specific use if not that of reminding us about the fluidity of the universe.

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