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We try to be open to collaborating and sharing, with the conviction that humans are social animals, and that working with others is more fun and also more effective. In the last years we have learnt how difficult it is though; people seem to have grown up with the idea that each is alone, each in his/her mind.


Many dance around the fire of Vetromaghie 

Following you find some belonging to 'oor family' 

Xi's wee herbalist workshop

Ironfounder - re-fisher of wood and metal


Gianni (dad) ed Emiliano (10 years old), when the furnace is on they fell the call and they faithfully  make themselves fluid.

Chiba, trasformating witch, she can give a new life to anything, even grandfather's dentures.

Metamorphosi, designers of environments using refused materials

Renata Graziano, ceramist master

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