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the wee herbalist workshop of Xilef Welner


The collaboration with Xi is evolving. 

A lot is about learning about the local plants, their qualities and how to prepare them as remedies to cure ourselves. I can't remember when i last bought official medicines. For example I discovered that one of the more common weeds, gallium, is the perfect cure for my flaking scalp and for the health of the linfatic system. 

We have also created a serie of unique wee bottles and containers for her herbal remedies.  

We are working on the creation of an artistic recycled herb garden in testa di lepre.


Guided visit at the discovery of the cycles of the natural world

You will be accompanied in the fascinating world of herbs and through the ancient and modern healing and recreative traditions, fruit of the spontaneous communion between plants and humans.

This journey wiil involve all our senses; we will be guided by the mysterious delicacy of plants to a vision of exchange and cohabitation with Nature.

This visit comprehends:

- guided walks through the fields

- introduction to the natural cycles

- introduction to herbalist practices: healing and nourish oneself with herbs

- workshop of transforming plants for daily use, choosing between perfumes, cremes or soaps.

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