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Courses for All  

These courses are suitable for families, groups of friends, community groups, kids of all ages. Let us know what you need to get around as our place is pretty rugged, but we pride ourselves on being able to figure out how to work with anybody’s body and anybody’s mind.

The point of these courses is to be changed by them, allowing glass to teach you how to be fluid, make a spiritual journey back to the fluid state and regenerate.


A Vetromaghie day starts with gentle, warm up exercises, delicate and designed to wake up your creative energies: these could be in our regenerative garden, in the meditation room if it rains. Bring your favourite yoga mat.

Encountering hot fluid glass the first time, we focus on the way glass acts and interacts with our movements, with the plan being to make a dropped glass work of art into which you have poured your breath and your movements and energy, keeping them for ever. ( or until you drop it – that is how we got into recycling in the first place!). What you learn is that you can always make another one.

As we progress, the harmony of the glass and your movements with it become fused into one. The result will be there to remind you always that change is continuous, so you get the lesson, the object, and the object lesson, all cycling and recycling.


The day ends within the Traveller's Room, we will play and listen to the Scottish Crystal glass bells, made Nadia for her degree show at Edinburgh College of Art. We will relax and cool our bodies and bring ourselves back from encountering fluid glass.

The course includes an official fluid glass handling certificate and photo to record and remember what you have learned.

We have a collective system so everybody eats. We all cook together and the area of Testa di Lepre has some amazing things to eat, all local, organic and absolutely gorgeous. We would suggest that about 20 to 30€ a day each for accomodation should do it, more if you like to drink beer or wine. There is a cooperative of local food producers nearby: buy a peach from the guy who knows the tree, the local beef is wonderful (been told, we are vegetarian), the cheeses are astounding and our organic garden has many treasures too.  We gather wild foods and herbs and we make our own bread from natural breadmother: we are happy to show you how!!!

It works best when there are three days all in: one to arrive and enjoy and explore, one day to teach and play with the glass and one day to let yourself and your work of art return to room temperature….


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