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Manifesto of Inner Art



So called Inner Art 


the subtle expression

of an invisible reality

By invisible reality we mean the spontaneous reality

the moment

that can't be held or analyzed. 

The artist of Inner art


 he/she is a ingenious observer 

without prejudice weaves stories and energies 

creating pieces of Inner Art 

that make invisible things transparent.



 Inner art is done every day ,it's not only for degreed artists. 

Anyone can stop and meditate on the beauty of a flower, 

you don't need particular ability to notice and enjoy art all around us, 

the sound of traffic can become music if you listen with innocent ears, 

without prejudice. 


Inner art is good for those who do it and for those around them


 an emotion of those that makes feels butterflies in the stomach;


 stopping to listen to the voice of the wind and become the wind; 


being the spectator of a real storm outside the city, 

no special effects 


if you live in the present moment

 reality enrolls...

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